Ah looks like Jaxy got a comic up on time.  🙂

And now for some otaku-ish news:

Random News: General news blurbs and links, regarding Nintendo’s new Wi-Fi router for the Wii (instead of a HDD), DRM back lash against Spore and EA, more disappointment for Harry Potter fans, and a hilarious little video for lovers of Peter Stormare.

Funimation snags Kaze no Stigma: News from Funimation and a review of this Gonzo anime.  It’s worth a watch if you like elemental summoning tsundere girls with magical swords.

SecuROM nonsense: EA’s apparently response to the outrage of SecuROM on Spore is to announce that their next game, Red Alert 3, will allow you 5 whole installs off your disc instead of three.  Which doesn’t really address or fix the problem at all.

Sex in Otaku Culture: An interesting article about sex in Japanese otaku culture and it’s infiltration of the west.

Hurricane Ike:  Hurricane Ike ravaged my home state over the weekend.  The gulf coast really got slammed.  At least 2,000 people have been successfully rescued, and many people still remain in shelters.  Large parts of the coastal area are still without power, and may remain so for weeks.  A good chunk of Galveston was under water, which has hopefully receded for the most part.  The storm passed my area, but not close enough to do any damage.  We just got lots and lots of rain.  It’s going to take a while to get the power back up, and everything cleaned up down there.  Our thoughts go out to those whose lives have been changed by this storm.  If you’ve been concerned about the recent and ridiculous rise of gas prices this weekend, know that there wasn’t any major damage to the rigs out in the gulf, and they’ll be up and running again soon.  One of the biggest problems is transportation, and it will probably take the rest of the week for things to normalize in that respect (even we’re having some supply and distribution problems).  Oil is actually trading under $100, so the absudly high prices you’re seeing right now are mostly due to panic from Ike.  If the prices do not drop in your area, then you might consider reporting stations to your state’s attorney general’s office, so that they can look into finding evidence of gouging.

Have a good week, everyone!

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