Thompson Disbarred

When you’re not busy crying about the sorry state of our economy, rejoice in the fact that anti-game attorney Jack Thompson has been disbarred by the Florida courts.  This means he cannot practice law any more, nor can he reapply for his license.  So hooray for that.  Except that Thompson is currently attempting to get federal intervention.  He claims that disbarring him would damage his career, but I’m pretty sure that he can do that just fine all on his own.  Of course, a disbarment won’t be the end of him.  He’ll still be able to file suits like any citizen, but “disbarred attorney” will forever be associated with his name.

Otherwise it’s been a slow week on my end.

I looked back on the summer anime shows that I reviewed at the beginning of the season, noting how my first impressions changed (or did not change), and which shows ended up being really great.  There were other shows I didn’t get an initial review written up for, but watched anyway, and intend to review once they’ve wrapped up (which will happen over the next week or two as the fall season gets up and going).

I also wrote a review for the anime Cromartie High School.  So check that out if you’re looking for a good comedy to watch.

That’s all I’ve got for this week.  We got a new cable service installed and I’ve been enjoying my new DVR and on demand service.  It’s pretty great.  Again, thanks for stopping by, and please drop in the forum if you get a chance!  Have a good week!

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