Working on it!

Hooray! I got another comic up!

I may try to get one more out this week, but it’s more than likely I will phase into the scheduled updates starting Monday. The comic will update twice a week on Monday and Thursday and unlike [sic] this will more than likely be permanent. Also I have given posting privliages to Kris who will be helping me fill space as she will be doing some writing for the comic in the near future. So look out for some of her posts coming in the next couple of days or maybe even today…Who knows!?

I will be looking at some of the issues that are plaguing IE users in the next couple of days, but for now I ask that you bare with me because I really don’t know what is causing it currently. A few other things will be poppin gup around the site in the next couple of weeks as well, mainly stuff I didn’t have time to add or was just to lazy to add previuosly.

If you have any questions or comments just shoot them over to my email at jax (at) I will hopefully put up a form soon that you can email me @ to avoid spam..My [sic] productions box looks like a penis enlargement warehouse.

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