Fable 2

Well, it’s in black and white, but at least something is up there.  🙂

Nothing much for you guys this week, because I’ve been playing Fable 2 almost non-stop.  But that does mean that I have a review for you.

You can find the entire thing here.

But here is a summary for you:  The game is a blast.  The graphics are more polished, though the game still has a cartoony feel.  The dog is a really great addition, though it does have some issues.  The game does have several glitches and bugs, but the major ones are being patched, and to be honest, they’re not that bad.  On-line co-op was patched in on launch, and while it’s not made for playing through the whole game with, it can be fun to mess around with someone else from time to time.  Just be a little careful because the level of henchman interraction is a bit unbalanced.  Stay away from the collector’s edition of the game, unless you’re just really obsessed with dressing up as Master Chief from Halo.  The sword and “armor” aren’t worth the extra 10 bucks, though the dungeon might be (I haven’t seen it yet myself).  Check out the review on the blog for more!

Enjoy your week everyone, and have a Happy Halloween this weekend!  Don’t forget to get out and vote.  Early voting should be well under way and you can avoid the election day crowds.

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