Lu Xun looks like a little girl

Jax, where’s the comic?  Boooo to you.

We picked up Dynasty Warriors 6 this weekend for the 360.  The boy was watching me play Ninety-Nine Nights and decided he wanted to play too, but N3 doesn’t have multiplayer.  So off we went to GameStop (after plopping down some cold hard cash for the Star Wars Complete Saga RPG book for the new game I’m playing in) to pick us up a copy.  Man, they screwed that shit up bad.  All of the characters look way too effeminate.  Their costumes have changed drastically; even their weapons.  Sun Shang Xiang (who looks like she’s 12 now) is now armed with a BOW instead of her characteristic chakram type weapons.  Sun Ce lost his tonfa for a spear, Diao Chan has a chain whip instead of her dual maces, and Xiahou Dun lost his sword to a large club.  One of my favorite characters is missing too; they took out one of the twins, but for some reason left the other in the game.  So booo Koei for making a bunch of bizarre, stupid changes to the game which had been staples for the previous 5.

Now to some general blogging.

First up is a review of the Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney manga book. A must read if you’re a fan of the games like I am.  It combines two of the Japanese volumes into a single volume that revolves around Feenie, for about 15 bucks.  Edgeworth will get his own title next.

Next is some more Fable 2 news, concerning your faithful canine companion, and how you can ditch the poor thing if you’re a cruel, heartless bastard.

And finally, a short look at a short anime called Chocolate Underground.

Have a lovely week everyone!  And make sure you’re registered to vote before it’s too late!  Though in most places it likely is.  So shame on you if you didn’t get that done!

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