If you live in America, go out and vote!  Don’t make excuses!  Even if you don’t like any of the presidential candidates, there are other things to vote for.  You could do a write in if you wanted to as well (go Colbert!).  In my own country, we must have voted for about 20 different positions in county, state and US congress seats, plus 2 ordinances (or whatever they’re called) – one to allow beer and wine sales within the city (in grocery stores and gas stations…this is the third time they’ve tried to get it passed) and another to fund a local hospital.  Some states are voting on gay marriage today as well.  So whatever your opinions, go out and make them known!  If you’re not registered…well geez, the damn campaign has been going on for like 2 years now.  It’s hard to imagine you’d forget when election news is so prevalent and bombards even the streets you drive through.  Some states do allow same day registration though.

While you’re waiting up for election results tonight (as I likely will be) check out some new anime from the fall 2008 line up!  First up are Vampire Knight Guilty, Skip Beat!, Tales of the Abyss and Nodame Cantabile Paris Chapter.  Part 1 of the Fall 2008 season review.

Also, here is a review of the anime Here Is Greenwood.

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