Iron Man

You’re quite welcome, dear.  It’s not a problem for me to pop in on a Sunday night or Monday morning and at least make the site look alive.  Well, Sunday nights are now usually occupied by a 4 1/2 hour RPG session, so Monday mornings are more likely.  Anyway…our posting system got an overhaul it seems.  Logged in and the layout is totally different now, but looks a little easier to use.

Don’t have much to say this week.  Oh, but we did watch Iron Man over the weekend.  I really enjoyed it.  Robert Downey Jr. was hilarious and charming.  I don’t even like Tony Stark, as a character.  I think he’s one of the biggest douche bags in the Marvel Universe, right up there in the top five with the likes of Reed Richards the work-a-holic and Hank Pym the wife beater.  But it was a good film; definitely one of the better Marvel films – loads better than the Fantastic Four trash, not as good as the first Spider-Man, better than some of the X-Men films (too many characters to be really effective, honestly).  An excellent origins set-up.  I did think that the Nick Fury appearance there at the end was really cheesy, and felt really tacked on (and it probably was), though Sammy L. had the look down pat.  I’m excited to see where they’ll be going with these films, particularly for a Kenneth Branagh directed Thor film.

Well, I hope everyone has a lovely 2009!

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  1. Trotun says:

    I’m surprised you’re watching it just now. Good movie I do agree with you, mostly, but is it wrong that one of my favorite parts was watching the credits? ^-^;

    I hope y’all have a good 2009 as well. I don’t know about me since I”m starting college. I still remember high school *sigh* I was a nervous wreck during the first 9-weeks.

  2. Kris says:

    Well, we rarely ever go to the movie theater. The last movie we saw in theaters (and maybe the only one we saw all year?) was Get Smart. But we have Netflix, and watch everything through that. So it took a while for it to come up on the list.

    College isn’t all that bad. You just have to remember that just because you’re in college now doesn’t mean you can just goof off all the time. You still have to do the homework and everything. Just keep on top of things, don’t put things off too often, and you’ll be fine. And remember that some of those classes are designed to fail you (they’re called weed out classes) so be careful if you end up in one of those.
    The mass amount of work you get right off can be kind of a shock, so just stay organized. Where people get in trouble is when they take their new found freedom too far and go crazy with the parties and everything, and forget to study completely.

  3. Trotun says:

    aaah, Netflix. I haven’t used their services for about a year now…I wonder why we switched back to blockbuster, their prices inflated quite a bit. Anyways I never saw get smart. but I watched that related movie with Bruce & ——. It was funny. I can’t imagine how good the actual movie is.

    Yep all that freedom and no mother to make me feel guilty about not working. That makes things harder. There’s no worries about parties though, I don’t like them a whole lot. It’s just I’m a laid back person so it’s very easy for me to not work and just sleep the entire time. (and my addiction to the internet)

    ha, they got classes like that? Man it would suck to have it as my first class in the morning. Thanks I never heard of those existing. 😉

  4. Kris says:

    They’re major specific. Like if you’re a music major, it’s Music Theory. It’s designed to be a hard class so that the people who aren’t serious about the degree flunk.
    In contrast there are a lot of super easy low level classes (at my school, things like Environmental Science and Earth Science) because they know people have to take them for core credits or for education degrees. If you ask around, people will let you know.

    I’m rather unmotivated as well, and I probably spent way more time on the Internet than I should have during school. I almost failed a class or two my first semester until I realized I needed to get my ass in gear. Then I did just fine. Just try not to get a class before 9 am, or you’ll never want to go.

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