A Few Updates

Hey Gang!

I want to first welcome some of the new viewers to the site. We have had a few come here from various sites, one is Geist Panik where I did a little bit of art for my buddy Brian Wilson and it would seem he did some linky link action while also making me fear that the MPAA will be coming to my house soon.

Anyway, I haven’t really posted anything about what is going on with the comic recently and so I wanted to give you and update of everything that is going on recently. First off you will notice a new comic here at DSS and that is my old comic [sic] Productions. The short of it is Brian aka Remy has finally decided to move towards making his movie website and we had to relocate [sic] and what better place than here. You can read more about it here and here if you would like to!

Now as for Across The Multiverse…I know I talked about having Brian do some writing for me, but it would seem my writers block cleared up and the story finally started flowing in my head again. I am finished with Chapter one and will hopefully have the first comic for it up either Friday or Monday. Thank you for your patience and understanding for those couple of weeks and stay tuned!

Also, I have changed my email because I hate checking my darkstar mail and may one day go back to it, but for now if you want to shoot me an email you can do it at jaxdarkstar@gmail.com for now. I will have an official email up in the next couple of days depending on how this one works out for me.

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