Le Sigh

I have dreaded making this post since Saturday, but figured I needed to do it sometime. I recently spoke with a couple of fellow webcomic folks and asked them do a one over on my comic and much like I feared they saw the same flaws that I was seeing. These issues arise more in the writing department and less in the artistic department, even though that area needs some work as well. I have made it no secret that I’m not a great writer and after going back and really reading this comic I’m very unhappy right now. The track the comic was on was derailed very early by my own blunders and while I won’t get into what I did, I’m just focusing now on undoing it.

Due to the amount of errors I made my first instinct was to scrap what I had so far and reboot, but I believe starting now with chapter one I can correct these issues as the comic moves forward. I realized I could not do this by myself and decided I needed help in the form of a writer. This person will be working with me directly for most of the story, and I say most because we have other talented writers such as Kris who will be doing some work with this comic down the road as well. My new writer knows me almost as well as I know him and our vast history inside and outside of comics make him the perfect choice. Brian Godwin and I have been writing and drawing comics since 2004 and even though he tried moving out, I pulled him back in. I’m hoping that we can make the comic that I set out to bring you from the beginning, so please bare with us for at least this week while we get to work on some new scripts and hopefully we will be ready to go next week.

Now don’t worry because this week DSS will unveil its new addition to the family and give you something to look at while you wait. The new comic isn’t going to really shock most people, but the fact that it has been updated might. If you haven’t guessed by now then you will have to wait, so check back later this week to see the newest comic here at DSS.

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