First off sorry the comic went up late yesterday, but the whole week has been just crazy. I originally planned on two updates this week, but the week started bad and never really got much better. I’m going to try again next week and think I may get better results or at least I hope I will.

I really don’t have much to talk about today other than I did finally go and see Fanboys and it was quite good. I’m not sure it was everything it was hyped up to be, but it was pretty close. Ethan Suplee as Harry Knowles had me rolling just because I could picture him fighting like that. Also, despite what I have heard I’m still going to check out Watchmen this weekend since my Dad couldn’t make it last weekend and I told him I would go see it with him.

Anyway, Have a good weekend!

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  1. Trotun says:

    Hey there. hmm, so you’ve heard bad things about watchmen? All I’ve heard is good things….and wow lots of announcment updates stuff. xD

    Of the latest updates I like that paranormal time trip they went through most. Really cool looking.

  2. Mario says:

    What are you talking about Fox?I was guleineny concerned for Moore’s well-being. It may be March, but it’s still cold and flu season and she could catch her death. I was just thinking I could provide her with a blanket or some warm tea perhaps.And my mmmmmmm, has more of an inquisitive tone. Like mmmmmmmm? Something here is a miss. Like that. It’s all completely innocent. It’s Bill, that’s the filthy scoundrel. None of my completely innocent comments could be taken out of context if Moore would have been draped in swatches of something or other.

  3. THX that’s a great answer!

  4. It’s great to find someone so on the ball

  5. notsodomesticated November 26, 2012 Haha well you have plenty of time for babies!! Just enjoy your new marriage for now. But I understand what you’re saying … my friends have been having babies the last several years, so I’ve had baby fever for a while!

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