Otakon Wrap Up

I’m freaking beat, but all and all it was a good time. There were good times and bad, but all and all a good con. The Alley was a little unorganized seeing as how I think I filled out the registration form about 5 times, but It turned out ok. A big thanks goes out to everyone who stopped by the table and said hello and also would like to welcome any of the first timers here who found out about us at the con. As for the con itself I didn’t get a chance to check out much other than my own surroundings and the dealers room. We were usually in the AA from opening till closing and then in the bars for the rest lol. I have to say I usually don’t drink too much at this cons, but this time I guess I just let loose. It had alot to do with the stress of getting the con together and what not. In the end we talked to some people about maybe doing a couple of more cons next year and of course got to hang out with the usual suspects who I will list at the bottom of this post, so scroll down and check them out.

Just a couple of other things! The comic will update this week as I am finally able to sit down and just draw. I’m hoping to be back to two a week next week and sticking to it since I won’t have any excuses not to. We are also looking to update [sic] again soon so if you are a fan keep checking it out as well. Remember you can email me at jaxdarkstar@gmail.com or follow me on twitter @jaxdarkstar. Also, a quick apology to Kris because I didn’t have time to get the autographs she wanted or kidnap the people she wanted. I will make it up to you next time I see Steve Blum!

Now on to the shoutouts!
Chris – Seriously should consider yaoi…You will make millions!!!
Brian – “I had the time of my lllllllife!”
Sean – He likes to hug little girls!
Garth – You and your fancy money rolls!
Jennie – Stop sending half naked guys over for stickers!
Mookie – The secret of how your scarfs are made is safe with me.
Hawk – Remember…Let the 360 breath or bad things will happen!
Ananth – Hello, Sup
Jen – You were so far away 🙁
Shawn – The self proclaimed “Classiest bum in Baltimore”
Steve – I feel like I don’t know you without the long hair.
Dave – “you scared me..I thought it was the police or something!”
Scott – who didn’t show up because his face smells!
And last but no least…The kid in front of the convention center who kept screaming “I’m not gay” to a bunch of other people(who I assume were calling him gay) and then dropped his pants in front of everyone. Not sure what he was trying to prove by doing this, but maybe someone should tell him that while in a heated debate, taking your pants off doesn’t help your case…..EVER.

If I missed anybody I’m sorry…

Anyway, this is getting long so just check back this week for an update and all that jazz!

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