Last Update – New Layout Coming!

Hey Everybody!

I wanted to give everyone the 411 on whats going on with the new site. The new layout is nearly complete, but still has some things to be tuned up. With that being said I will probably launch it early and work on it while it’s up since the changes won’t really affect the day to day comic/posting stuff. I really am enjoying the new layout and while it isn’t as fancy as other sites I feel it gets the job done and that is good enough for me.

With all this going on and a few people out of work sick, I have been swamped this week so I didn’t have a chance to push out a comic, but don’t worry as you have a little something new coming your way to check out. If you guys notice the site is down at some point in the next day or so then that means I’m making the switch, but it won’t take long. So keep an eye out and big thank you to all our readers for sticking with us…We have been around for over a year and while it was a little slow I can promise that going into the rest of this year and 2010 we will be going in balls out! (I had to say it!)

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