Nekocon and Seal Buttocks!

Well first you will need to see this and then I will explain…sealbuttocks

Seal Buttocks came up during the “State of Webcomics” panel at Nekocon and now that I think about it, I’m not sure why.  However, being the informative people we are in the webcomics community we decided to take to the street and inform people about “Seal Buttocks”.

Each panel was done by the following artists

Panel 1:  Yours truly!

Panel 2:  Chris Malone – Blue and Blonde

Panel 3:  Garth Graham – GCG Studios

Panel 4:  Dave Lister – Paradox Lost

Panel 5:  Danny Valentini – 2wcOnline

Panel 6:  Darkstars own Ryan Thompson

I want to quickly thank these guys for being awesome sports and Also give a  shout out to Steven Napierski at Dueling Analogs who couldn’t attend on Sunday and missed out on the Seal Buttocks fun, but we still love him! It was great to hang out with everyone again and maybe we can do a comic on Dolphin genitalia or something in the near future?

Thanks to everyone who came by the table and said hello or bought some swag and also thanks to everyone who came to our panel on Friday..It was a pretty nice size crowd if I remember correctly. Final thanks goes out to Nekocon for having us and Dizzi for taking good care of us. I will also mention getting to see Jade and Saya again(winners of the 05(?) Charity auction to be characters in the [sic] webcomic) and thank them for helping out around the table. If I missed anyone I’m sorry, but I promise it wasn’t on purpose as the weekend went by pretty fast and I’m having a hard time remembering everybody and everything.

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