Update + Katsucon 16 Report

Hiya folks! I haven’t made a front page post in sometime, but thought it would be a nice time to update you on the happenings here at Darkstar, plus give a quick rundown of Katsucon.

I really don’t have too much site news, other than I added a fan page on Facebook.  If you get a second and have a Facebook account head over and check it out and maybe become our fan (we won’t twist your arm or nothing, but we may take your captain crunch!).  Also, if you get a chance then please stop by the forums and strike up a conversation…Even if it’s just long enough to go in there and call me a douche for not updating last week!


Katsucon Report

Just to get you up to speed,  Katsucon is an east coast anime convention held in the D.C. area and this year we were honored to be guests at this well established convention. The event was held at the Gaylord National this year and I have to say…That is one big ass place. The hotel is huge and is probably one of the nicest hotels I have ever stayed in. The place had a freaking stream running through it for gods sakes! I hate I didn’t get a chance to hit the gym or the pool, but oh well…Maybe next time. The convention center is attached to the hotel for easy access and the convention center is no small wonder and had a very interesting architecture to it..I thought so at least. Overall I really enjoyed the convention and appreciate the Katsucon staff for going above and beyond for us guests. They really know how to put on one hell of a show! It was great to see all the webcomic folks again and hopefully i’ll get a chance to see them again soon, but our next couple of planned conventions are kinda up in the air so I guess we’ll see.

I guess that’s it…all I can say now is keep an eye on the front page as I have some big announcements coming soon.  So…Until next time!

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