Hey guys! Just a quick reminder that we will be at Otakon this weekend, but we may not be at a AA table until Saturday, but I will be at the Snafu Comics booth on Friday selling some swag which is booth 702 or along this row. Remember come dressed as any character form the Darkstar library and you will get some free swag! Hope to see you guys there!!!

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  1. Qamer says:

    Watch out on those mean streets. Remember that unlses you juggle knives,chainsaws and large flaming objects, just driving a vehicle from point A to point B is about the most hazardous thing you can do. I certainly hope that your driving-style keeps you focused, aware and in control at all times. Entertaining Tidbits are Gooooood !

  2. My son and daughter had back to back visits with the pediatrician. My daughter kept trying to reassure my son that everything would be fine…and if he had to get a shot it would only hurt for a minute and then it would be over. Well, he did fine. But when it was her turn she had a major meltdown. After the appointments when we were back in the car, she was back to her old self…reassuring her brother that it was nothing and going to the doctor is no big deal.kwalker08@yahoo.com

  3. For someone who claims to be a successful 'scientist', you sure speak with a very unrefined tongue. Why can't you show some class and ignore? And no I am not any of those previous anons. Happy New Year to you all! Good Night!

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  5. We are witnessing the collapse of major systems at all levels. Do any of us know how to stand on our own two feet in an earthquake? I think it’s too early for even the most quick and nimble to figure out where to stand. Those who manage to survive with some resources will be the ones with the power to do something. Till then, party on. It’s going to be a long night.

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