Intervention Incentive!

Hello folks! Sorry for the lack of news posts recently, but we have been pretty swamped lately. I do promise some more front page content in the coming weeks when a familiar face/avatar will return (it will be new to most, but very familiar to our [sic] readers!).

First off I wanna talk a bit about an upcoming con by the name of Intervention. We have talked about it here before and If you follow me on twitter or our facebook account then you have probably seen it mentioned there a bunch as well. It’s the newest con on the east coast and it’s looking to be a super helluva fun time for all those in attendance. The panels are looking to be super awesome, the guests (which includes us) are super awesome, and I just got reports that their is a pancake house near the venue…What more can you want!? In all seriousness this con is looking to be one banging weekend, but the pre-reg closes up tomorrow and we would love to see you guys there. So as a little added incentive to our fans…If you sign up for Intervention between now and 7am Sept 1st, then we will give you some free* swag when you come by our table at the con! So not only are you saving $5 bucks by registering early, but you are getting something for free* as well! It won’t be a t-shirt or anything like that, but a little free* something something from us to you as a thanks for coming by and seeing us at the con. You only have to do one small thing to obtain this free* item…

1. Bring a printout of your pre-reg receipt with you just to verify it’s you and that you did in fact get your pre-reg between now and 7am Sept 1st. If you don’t have the receipt, I can’t give you anything…That simple.

That’s all! Just a couple of small things to do to get something for free. Kinda like that time Oprah did that free KFC grilled chicken coupon and they had to shut done some KFCs because the ran out of chicken…Just on a smaller scale.

*This is of course while supplies last…I can’t be held responsible if we run out of stuff so don’t get mad if we do. This is kinda a first come first serve sorta deal and also keep in mind the item is of our choosing. You can help ensure we may have enough stuff if you kindly drop me an email at and let me know that you did in fact pre-reg between the time of this posting and 7am Sept 1st….Kinda like giving me a head count

We hope to see you guys there and have a great week!

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  1. August 31, 2010

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Intervention, Mike Hall. Mike Hall said: Fan of Darkstar and are thinking about going to Intervention…Well now is the best time to Prereg! Check it out! […]

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