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Heya guys and girls! Sorry for not really posting a lot of site updates, but I have been pretty busy this last month with some personal business and i’m hoping after this week it will be all finished up (and no…it’s nothing bad).

So first off I want to let everyone know that comics will start going out to people THIS WEEK! Now be aware the key word there is “start” as I can’t promise I will get everyone’s out this week, but i’m going to try. So keep a lookout at your mailbox for the next week or so as your comics will hopefully be in there soon….With a little added bonus for being so patient ;).

Also, we have now been confirmed for Otakon and Animazement Artist Alley tables. While we are still working out the details, the Otakon table is all thanks to Mr. Garth Graham, without his kindness and generosity we wouldn’t be at Otakon this year…At least not with a table. However, since Animazement is closer we will focus on those details…It takes place on May 27th (my birthday!) – May 29th @ the Raleigh convention center in downtown Raleigh NC. I’m currently not sure where our table will be but i’ll let you know once I know, and the same goes for a couple of panels we will also be hosting that weekend as well. SO stay turned for some more details on that as they become available to us.

I’ll try and wrap these last two things up real quick! Remember our comic submissions are closing down at the end of the month. We have received some great submissions so far, and are still looking for more if you’re interested.  Check out our official submissions page for all the details and all entries must be in by March 31st to qualify.

Last but not least, we are also opening up commissions again, so if you’re interested click on the banner below.

Anyway, stay tuned and have a great week!

– Jax

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