Netscape and Intervention

I will of course start with the bads news…

In two weeks, Netscape will end it’s time here at Darkstar. I have spoken with April and due to (personal) scheduling conflicts she will no longer be updating Netscape here at Darkstar. I made her very aware that she is a talented artist and we do in fact wish her the best on her future endeavors and we will very much remain friends, so I doubt you have seen the last of her around here, but for time being this is the best choice for all parties.

She wanted me to extend her thanks and gratitude to everyone who took the time to read her comic and apologizes that it is being cut off so suddenly. She may not be doing comics right now, but you can still check in with her on deviant art to see some of her excellent and current works.

Again we here at Darkstar wish April the best and thank her for what she brought to our little community.


As for good news, we just wanna remind everyone again of the upcoming awesomeness that is Intervention…Click on the link below to head over and get some more information about this most excellent con!

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  1. Jety Lefr says:

    Grarragamuffin… the world exists.

  2. the1truesushiboy says:

    Oh really, Jety? Does it, now?

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