New Merch for Sale! Holiday 2011 Edition

Ryan was awesome to do up a post on his page so i’m just using it for the front page (with my edits…so yes it may sound weird haha). This is all the awesome new stuff we are offering starting now just in time for the Christmas rush! However, one cool thing is now you can get 5% off when you use the code “happyholidays” during check out! Now here is a up close an personal view of all our new items!

Our very own “Team Edward” shirt. That’s right everybody, now you can wear that favorite shirt no matter how cold it might get, as it is now officially a hoodie. Ingenious, no?

As an entirely new addition to this year’s new shirts, we present¬† THIS amazingly bold display of spiral power. It’s no secret we here at Darkstar are massive Gurren Lagann enthusiasts, and now you can partake in said enthusiasm.. With an Apple spin of all things!

And on to our final newcomer..

Car Golf. Yes, Car Golf. A phrase inspired by our very own comics here at Darkstar. Fajita has given birth to a number of quirky pastimes, and Car-Golf is certainly not the least of them. And now you can support Supernatural Sportsmanship with your very own “All American Car Golf” shirt! Oh, snap! Or rather.. FORE!

Our new products are up for Pre-Order until December 6th, and with Christmas just around the corner, what better way to support your favorite webcomickers, right? And speaking of webcomics, I just word of THIS: BAM!

It’s Fajita’s first full size 16″ by 20″ Poster, and it’s a sight to behold! A must-have for any hardcore Fajitamite. Heck, we’re planning to get one for ourselves here! Anyways, feel free to give the Store a peak and see if anything of the amazingness catches your eye.

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    My Christmas list is perfect now.

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