Katsucon 18 Report

So I haven’t been as good for con reports these days like I use to be, but I figured for our first and last large convention of 2012 that I might as well go with it. As I mentioned some time ago, we are taking a break from the larger conventions for the remainder of the year in order to re-focus on the upcoming new site, and our convention product line. We still will be trying to hit some smaller local conventions in the meantime, and we will have those listed in the convention box as we always have.

So Katsucon! Last year we attended as guests as well were asked along with Jamie Noguchi to be on the publications staff and produced one half of the badges for the convention (not sure which ones were used for what, I know one was used for the artist alley). This year we were once again asked to be apart of the publications staff and were given the task of miscellaneous art for the convention and for a random shirt design. We were more than thrilled to see our design on no only the Staff shirt, a random badge or two, inside the program book,

but one of our favorites was our very own Ryan Thompson’s kimono girl on the attendee bag…Very cool!

We absolutely loved being a part of the staff at Katsu, and I still believe it’s one of the nicest staffs I have ever worked with. As for the con it seems like another well put together convention by the Katsu folks and they seemed to have really listened to fans (at least the stuff I remember) when it came to making improvements. I arrived early since I was staying with our very own [sic] writer Brian Godwin for a couple of days before to do some much needed partying, so I was a little worse for wear when we set up our tables, but otherwise we got everything up and had a great time. I’m not going to bore you with the details of sitting at the table all weekend, but I did manage to snap a few shots of cosplays that caught my eye or random items such as my newest little Twilight Sparkle trinket(got one for the wife as well).

A very impressive Seras Victoria..I'm always on the looks for a good one, and she didn't disappoint!

Tom Servo...As a schoolgirl!

Twilight Sparkle!!!









I was going to make a shout out’s section, but there are just far too many people to shout out to that I’m worried that someone will get mad that I left them out. So to everyone we saw and spoke with over the duration of that weekend…You are all awesome and <3.

Now I must get back to working on the new site…..Have a great week folks!

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  1. March 2, 2012

    […] In other news, Mike did a sweet write-up about our happy fun times at this year’s Katsucon. If you’re one of those people who’d be interested to hear of how things went, feel free to check out what he had to say here. […]

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