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Hey folks! Been awhile since our last real front page blog post, but I promise there is more to come soon! We have some cool stuff for you in the coming months, but for now i wanted to take a moment to just throw out  a reminder out about one of our favorite conventions that is coming up at the end of summer. Early in the year I mentioned we were taking a break from conventions, and while we have been to a couple of local cons we are still gearing up to have Darkstar rep at one of our favorite cons…Intervention Con!

Intervention has become one of our favorite conventions to attend as it’s a 100% webcomic supportive con! They of course have waaaaaay more to offer than just webcomics, but seeing as how we are a webcomic site, we like to drive that point home ;). Pre Reg is still going on for the low cost of just $40 for the whole weekend and that is a steal considering what other conventions charge these days. We have once again been invited back as guests and while I regrettably cannot attend this year, Ryan will be there in all his sexy glory to show people the way of Fajita and Darkstar!

Seriously, if you think you can get to Rockville MD for the weekend, I would because honestly…The panels themselves are well worth the price of admission. I have been doing cons since 2005 professionally and Intervention provides the BEST panel experiences just because of the smaller, intimate nature of the con itself…It really puts attendees at the center and involves them in the panels for very deep discussions.

Anyway…Check it out and until next time…Um…Yeah!!!

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  1. Chatterout says:

    I KNEW IT! Thus I have already planned to get my butt there this year!!! MUWAHAHAH! Prepare for the ultimate meeting! For when we meet face to face, IM GIVING YOU MY WEBCOMIC CONCEPT!!! HAHAHHHAHAHAHAHA!

  2. Ian says:

    I would love to take a cooking class. WF has theemd ones but I think they are always on Tues nights. Drat! We could also look at Sur la Table. I think they have classes as well. Let’s look into it.

  3. Mala says:

    Thank you for catching this mmenot! Although Jude was being almost overly affectionate- if that’s even possible!- your shot shows all the love we have doe each other. Love it!

  1. August 8, 2012

    […] appearance will be at Intervention 2012 in Rockville, MD the weekend of September 21st. Mike did a post about it. It’s a con I love going to because it allows me to really spend time with other creators, as […]

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