Site Upgrade and Comic Submission Apology

Hey everybody!

Yes i’m still here even though most people probably thought I ran off to join the circus…I did do that too, but that’s for another day. I have two announcements and i’ll make the first one quick (*edit: I failed).

This week you will see the site come down for a few hours…Could even happen as soon as today. When the site returns, you will see Darkstar 2.5. Darkstar will be getting a slight upgrade, not the one I was hoping for, but at least it will add some new functions that I have been meaning to add over the last couple of years. 2.5 will look a little like the current site, but the changes will be quite noticeable. I have been working on and off on this site for over a year and i’ll be the first to admit, I wish it were better, but with all the off and on work that I put into it, I was not willing to start from scratch and make people wait longer. Darkstar 3.0 will be started soon and hopefully be ready for launch next year and will be a whole new experience, but until then I hope 2.5 and it’s new functions/slight layout change will be accepted until 3.0 comes out.At the moment [sic] is down and the others will come down in that same fashion…So please bare with us until all the upgrades have been swapped out and thanks for your understanding.

Now…I want to apologize to everyone who has submitted comics for entry into the site in recent months. We have indeed taken on a new comic, but for the record that was some time ago and we have finally gotten around to getting everything in order for it’s launch(the delay of course was my fault). I assumed that we would be able to take on another comic after that one and left the submission form open, but due to getting a new job and having to change things around a bit, I have been swamped. I had every intention of closing the submission process during this time, but failed to do so which led to a backup on comics I received and emails left unanswered. I just want to apologize to everyone who submitted a comic and didn’t receive a response and even apologize again to those who did receive a response. As of last week the submission form is closed and we won’t be taking any new submissions until next year, but as of now no set date has been set. This was a huge failure on my part, but know that unless you receive an email with an explanation as to why you have been rejected, then you haven’t been. I have sent some emails mirroring this post, please note that they are not rejections, just apologies and a notice that we are suspending submissions. I have kept all comics I have received on file and when we do open back up submissions, those will be the first to be reviewed for submission.

Again, I apologize to everyone and look forward to looking over all the submissions with our other reviewers in the not to distant future.

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9 Responses

  1. It’s like you’re on a mission to save me time and money!

  2. Slam dunkin like Shaquille O’Neal, if he wrote informative articles.

  3. Oh! All of you are the best!! Thank you!I’m so happy this post is helpful. I feel like there is at least one tip in here that everyone can use, even if you’re already home from an event.And PS…Thank you again for your sweet words about my grandmom. I know I’ve got a pretty special lady watching over me now. ♥

  4. : ton article est prêt à être publié ? Je l’aurais bien mis ces jours-ci, avant d’attaquer l’US Open. Ou alors après.Rien à voir, ou si, j’adore ton petit texte de présentation

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  1. October 15, 2012

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