Welcome to Darkstar 2.5 and Pixie

Hey folks!

First off i’m super sorry this took so long, but I want to thank everyone for baring with me. I feel like I have been working on this forever, but it sure doesn’t look that way and i’ll be the first to admit it. I was honestly working on Darkstar 3.0, but so much has happened over the last year in my life that completing a full site upgrade was tough and so I stuck with a upgrade instead. I admit the main point of 2.5 is so I could switch some things up on the back end while at the same time add some new features to the site. I also wanted to make it possible to add more features as we move forward an with this upgrade I can do so.

I will probably start on 3.0 in the very near future and that will be a complete restructuring of the site (what this was suppose to be), and hopefully have it launched next year at some point, but for now I hope you all enjoy the newest version of the site. I don’t mean to sound negative, so I will talk about some of the new positive improvements.

  • We have expanded to a left hand column to add a bit more breathing room to the layout
  • We have added new sharing options so you can share, like, and follow our comics on some of your fav social networks
  • We added a new feature to the right column to show our latest comics. (this is still in beta)
  • All comics now have full headers with a small bar at the top so you can navigate to different comics.

There are some other cool new features with others on the way. I will be making alot of changes as we move forward with this site, so you may experience some slight changes in the future as I make the site more user friendly. If you encounter any problems please don’t hesitate to contact me so i can try and correct the issue.

Our other exciting news is the latest addition to the Darkstar lineup. Assassin Pixie!

Assassin Pixie is written by Vincent Sneed and art by John Peters. Here is a little bit about John Peters from Facebook

John Peters (1962-2116) was a Freelance Illustrator and Comic Artist working out of a remote residential basement in Colorado. His many Comic works include Forty Winks and Pretty Female Assassin Pixie [with Vincent Sneed], Crazy Asian Girl [with Lonnie Allen] and the webcomic Gypsy! He made wands and lightsabers in his free time and watched WAY too much TV. Please chide, cajole, or otherwise force him to draw more.

We welcome John and Vincent to the Darkstar family and hope you enjoy their comic Assassin Pixie which currently has 6 comics already in the archive for you to enjoy. It will begin officially updating next week, so stay tuned as the update days will be announced soon.

I want to thank all our readers for your continued support and to keep a look out in the future as we will continue to add cool new features in the coming months!


Edit – I will be adjusting the look to the comments section on all the pages very soon. I just realized how odd i looks…Sorry about that.


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2 Responses

  1. Nekohime says:

    Jax i am either not doing something right or the comments on the comics is not working properly. Assassin pixie looks interesting i like the art style.

  2. Jax says:

    Hey Neko,

    Thanks for the heads up. If you were trying to make a comment on the Pixie comic page, I believe I have corrected that issue now. Just let me know if you have any other problems or if it still isn’t working for you.

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