Otakon ’13: Teh Revenge

‘Ello mates, figured since I had the chance to do so, I’d cook up just OOOONE more tiny little blog entry before the big Otakon 2013 Extravaganza. As I mentioned before, Darkstar’s gonna be all up in the Artist’s Alley, rocking booth CC03 right by the Pratt St. Entrance of the hall. Here’s Skoll in a handy customized version of the map to demonstrate exactly where it is where we’ll be:

You can see the Otakon’s official floor plan on their site, and if you follow that link just now (or click on the image) you can even see us marked off on it.

We hope to have the chance to hang and chat with many of you fine readers. I’ve already shot messages back and forth with some of you, and I’m very much looking forward to catching up. For those not at Otakon this weekend, fear not, Fajita is back and will continue updating uninterrupted with no convention breaks. Thus everything shall be as it should be.

Just know that one of these days, I find some way to hit enough conventions across the board to meet as many of you as I physically can! You people are awesome, and I look forward to it! Thanks as always for reading! Chapter 12 is now in progress!

Keep cool, and stay badass!

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