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So I have been getting a few emails about site issues and I wanted to address this for the second time. “Second time” you say? Indeed! There was a time when I addressed this when the site first went down a few weeks ago and after it did, somehow my server was rolled back so the post I made about the incident got wiped out. I haven’t made another post until today about the situation because of the arrival of my first child(yay!) and I just haven’t had time.

So here is the skinny…We had a issue with the web hosting company and they were saying we were using too many server resources, which turned out to be true and I had to take measures to correct the issues. There was more than one issue and now a few have been addressed and as you can see we’re back online (except for Pixie and the forums….I’ll get to that). So this whole mess has pushed my plans to update the website again, with a much cleaner and simpler layout that will not consume so many resources. I admit I fell behind on the last design and so I skipped alot of good practices when I released the current version of the website and it’s kinda responsible for this mess.

So after I fixed what I could they returned online, but something wasn’t right…My databases somehow got screwed up which is why Pixie is currently down. I have no explanation as to what they did, but the database was wiped out and I have tried to restore it, but the site isn’t having none of that so i’m having to pretty much restore it from scratch which i’m hoping to get started on today. As for the forums….Gone. There was no error there, they were just using up too many resources ad no one was using them. End of story. I may restore them one day, but currently there is no plans for that to ever happen.

So that’s it. I apologize to the readers for all of this…I have listened to you guys and am going to make Darkstar a more user friendly site and hopefully that will be sooner rather than later. Thanks again for reading and sorry again for any inconvenience this has caused.

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  1. shinraiten says:

    It’s true, I’m not one for forums. Just now figured out this page was here, might give you a clue to my level of interweb savvy. Anyways, FIRST KID! Whoa, congrats to you and the missus! Will be here when you get back, take care ’til then.

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