Coming back around!

Heyo good people!

A bit of a update for everyone. I went back and read what I put in the last front page update and i’m here to tell you that you can ignore all of that! Since that update I have done some thinking and will not be adding any kind of new content that isn’t webcomic related to the site. The change of heart was really due to the fact, that Darkstar is a place for webcomics and will remains a place for webcomics…Of course that doesn’t mean a new project isn’t currently under development elsewhere, but for now I will remain mum about that.

So of course the big question is….Are we ever going to post more webcomics!? Well, I can tell you that after a short hiatus, that we are welcoming back Ryan Thompson. What I can’t tell you is what he is up to, but he may over on the Fajita page drop some nuggets of info. I have on good authority that the latest AtM is in the coloring stages, and possibly even some movement on a [sic] comic.

We expect to be firing again on all cylinders in 2015 so thank you very much for you patience through all this, and also expect some changes to the site that should be happening very soon.


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  1. mindscapejem says:

    I’m really looking forward to this! It may be hard when a creator disappears for a while, but I love it when they come back strong and with a solid plan in mind. Good luck!

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