Hey folks…Been a long time.

I was originally going to post this over the weekend but I wanted a bit more time to think it over before I did so I moved it until today. As every one knows by now we have had alot happen here at Darkstar over the course of the last year, and one of the biggest things right now is the hiatus of Fajita. Ryan has moved on to doing other things in his life, but rest assured that he is still apart of Darkstar and my friend and I wish him the best of luck in his endeavors and hope he one day returns to complete Fajita. In my personal life I took on two jobs and have become a father which I promise you doesn’t leave alot of time in the middle for much. The one bright spot currently was the return of Pixie from it’s hiatus which started last year and ended around February.

With all this happening I haven’t bothered looking at our web stats as I can already tell you where those probably sit and honestly I don’t blame people. With Fajita on this indefinite break and no updates coming from my side of the fence we have only one comic updating so needless to say our traffic has taken quite a hit. That is the way of the internet and she is very unforgiving ¬†when it comes to things like this, and while I wish I could go back and be more prepared it’s just not happening. I do apologize to everyone who still comes here and gets disappointed with the lack of updates and content and I also apologize to those who gave up on us for that same reason. We have also discontinued conventions for the time being as they were turning into a huge burden and only doing more harm than good, but that’s another conversation for another day.

Things have been hectic to say the least and I have spent the last couple of months thinking about the future of myself career wise and of this very website. I wanted to make sure any decision I made wasn’t rushed and was as well thought out as my brain could make it. That’s why today i’m announcing that Darkstar…Will remain open. Things are finally starting to settle down in my life just a bit and i’m itching to get back to work here at the site and on my comics. Now of course there will be alot of changing going on around here and while comics will play a big part in that Darkstar will be offering new content of the none comic variety. My original vision of Darkstar was to make it a place where one could come daily and enjoy comics, reviews, and articles of different varieties, and no I don’t mean things like baseball or world news. We want to talk about things that are relevant to comic lovers such as comics (of course), animation, video games and whatever else comes to mind within that realm. I promise that the change will be as seamless as I can make it and it shouldn’t affect anyone who just comes here to read what current comics we offer and what future comics we may add. I’m hoping to make it a nice clean site, but also with some nice interactive commenting features so people can talk about comics and articles as they see fit without having to reopen any type of forum (ugh).

Sorry for the wall of texts guys and hopefully I haven’t scared anyone away (anyone that was left that is). Again this change will not affect the comics and I will go into further detail about the changes coming soon as I start development on the new site. I will also be looking to start updating my comics (yes…plural) in the coming weeks as i’m already drawing, inking, and coloring the chapters…I just want to get enough in front so I have some room for some downtime if needed. Sorry if this whole post seemed rushed, but I didn’t wanna take anymore of your time than I knew I would…If you read this of course.

Thanks everybody! You all rock my socks! Is that still a thing?