Have you figured it out? To put it another way, here won’t be any less revelations, instead there will be more. Lots more. No more secrets, kids.


So it’s sounding like a big undertaking for this next chapter in our story, and yes, yes it is actually. But no less exciting. The themes are strong, and I’m confident in where the characters are going. With this update I want to note that work is still steadily underway on #12, and I continue to appreciate your patience as I work. Having to adjust to my new working pace, has been.. educational (read: frustrating), as I’m carefully etching the strength back into my drawing hand.


With Otakon around the corner, I’ve had to invest a chunk less of my limited time to writing/drawing Fajita while working on all the new and awesome prints we can’t wait to show off. Added to that my continued work illustrating for a local comics anthology project, and it’s safe to say the new chapter’s been a bit slow in the works.


But rest assured, I will continue to upload as much informational filler as I can and keep you all posted on what’s going on. Thanks for sticking with me, and I sincerely hope that Fajita #12 in all it’s glory will come as some manner of reward for your waiting.

Stay awesome! Awesome like the sauce!